Do I Need A HEPA Filter For My Vacuum Cleaner?
Vacuums with HEPA filtration cost significantly more than without that filtration. So why pay the premium? What benefits make them a great investment for owners, staff and customers when buying from Rapid Clean Newcastle?
What Is A HEPA Filter?
HEPA is an acronym for "High Efficiency Particulate Air" and has become a generic term for highly efficient filters. HEPA vacuum filters capture smaller particulates that might otherwise not be trapped by your vacuum bags. This provides added relief for allergy sufferers and cleaner air for all. The operator of the vacuum then breathes highly filtered air exhausted by the vacuum cleaner during the hours of usage. It also benefits customers working afterwards in these cleaned areas as particles are not air borne.
HEPA filters trap small particles that may cause problems for allergy sufferers and others with health problems. And if you have acute allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory con…

Easily Remove Cobwebs With Our Range Of Cobweb Brooms

Nothing makes your home look more old and dingy than creepy cobwebs dangling from your ceiling. Cobwebs collect around beams and rafters and are also commonly found covering ceiling fans and hard to reach corners of your homes. Besides being high up some of these spaces can be very hard to reach and tight. Specialized brooms make the task of cleaning cobwebs easier and more efficient. Below are some of the cobweb brooms we stock at Rapid Clean Newcastle. We also stock a wide range of Etore extendable handles reach from 1.2m to an outrageous 8.2m!! Duarble and rigid, they offer long term use and flexibility in reach when it matters.

Domed Cobweb Brush
Engineered programmed fill for optimum collection of webs and dust.
Dual fill from the crown which gives it a wider width for greater  strength and lasting capacity.

The Superior Domed Cobweb BrushHas an adjustable swivel head. Fits most extension poles Soft outer bristles and stiff top hat bristles to pick up cobwebs and dirt.

Flexible …

Foam Pods Or Liquid Soap. What's Better?

Dispensers with pods are increasingly replacing traditional liquid soap dispensers in nursing homes, schools, aged care facilities and many commercial establishments. There is  good reason behind that. Soap pods are economical, they  save money through reduced product usage, they are more secure against malicious contamination. Each pump of foam soap uses significantly less than a pump of liquid soap. It deposits a rich lather-like foam that may promote more thorough hand washing. This makes it an ideal choice in higher education settings, healthcare and food service environments, where hand hygiene is critical.

A breakdown of the usage cost is given below:
 Product                    Avg Cost          No. of Squirts               Prod/Squirt               Cost/Squirt
1 Litre Pod                 $12 - $14                1200-1500                  0.83-0.67ml                1c-0.87c     

5 Litre Soap Pour           $14-$18              1250                               4ml���������������…

How To Clean And Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

A full complement of cleaning equipment and tools ensures that you can tackle any cleaning job. However, it can be easy to forget to maintain and clean the equipment itself. Learning how to clean and maintain your equipment and tools will keep them working effectively. It will also save you money in replacement costs by doing inexpensive preventative maintenance that reduces the chance of major damage from electrical or overloaded motors. 
Clean And Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner
1. Treat the vacuum cord with care!

Avoid pulling the vacuum too hard when moving around and be mindful of the length of the cord. Ensure that the cord is always wound through the strain relief of the vacuum. Replace a damaged cord immediately. Leads with exposed wires are a safety hazard and expose owners and operators to legal liability.
2. Check and replace the bag regularly.

Replace the vacuum bag on a regular basis. Do not wait till the bag is completely full. Replace the bag when it is about 2/3rds full as …

How To Clean And Maintain Your Floor Cleaning Equipment

Maintaining cleaning equipment is important because if your tools are stored incorrectly the bacteria you're trying to eliminate will grow right on or in them. Develop a tools cleaning and storage system and instill its importance in your workers. Make cleaning and storing tools a part of your entire cleaning system.
General Habits
1. Clean and store the equipment after every use. 2. Remove any liquid that may have been contaminated. 3. Never put equipment away unless its ready for next days use.
Cleaning Floor Equipment
1. Empty and rinse recovery tanks after use. This will help prevent odors and prevent build up in the tank.

2. Solution tanks should be emptied as well. leaving solution in tanks will gum up filters and affect performance.

3.Clean vacuum ports and squeegee assembly before the dirt dries. 
4. Clean or rinse the brushes or pads after every use.

5. Maintain and clean jets regularly so that they spray evenly. Soak them overnight in a descaling liquid to keep down miner…

The Uses Of Baby Wipes and What NOT To Do

Baby wipes are a very popular product and when used appropriately, most baby wipes are a safe and hygienic option. They come in sealed packages, are not re-usable and help in keeping your baby clean and hygienic.They are easy to carry in your diaper bag and can be used for emergency clean - ups as well. They are also frequently used in child care facilities.
The key to using baby wipes safely is knowing their uses and limitations. Baby wipes help in getting rid of harmful bacteria  BUT use them on the baby and not to sterilize your hands or the changing table.
Baby wipes are not edible. Do not allow your baby to take them away from you. Toddlers have an instinct to put things in their mouth and you DO NOT want that happening, do you?
A major No - No when using baby wipes is the method of disposal, we can't say it enough, DO NOT FLUSH THEM.
They do not decompose and cause sewage blockages if flushed. They reach creeks, rivers and oceans. Half of the worlds blockages are caused by we…
The Benefits Of Safety Signs
Safety First Because Injuries Last!

The most common accidents, slips or floor hazards associated with offices, retail or hospitality industries are wet floor related. A wet floor could be the result of anything like a leaking tap, machine spills, breakage or scheduled cleaning. Avoiding injuries and accidents on the job is vital to workplace efficiency and more so in the professional cleaning industry. The best way to prevent falls is to alert employees and visitors. Using 'Wet Floor' or 'Cleaning In Progress' signs are important to keep floors safe. 
Marble, terrazzo tiles and other hard flooring are by nature slippery.  These types of flooring are often found in bathrooms, lobbies and other high traffic areas. It is important to note that these types of areas would therefore be more slippery and hazardous when wet. Safety signs when cleaning these areas should not only be encouraged but mandatory.
Some ground rules when using safety signs: