Foam Pods Or Liquid Soap. What's Better?

Dispensers with pods are increasingly replacing traditional liquid soap dispensers in nursing homes, schools, aged care facilities and many commercial establishments. There is  good reason behind that. Soap pods are economical, they  save money through reduced product usage, they are more secure against malicious contamination. Each pump of foam soap uses significantly less than a pump of liquid soap. It deposits a rich lather-like foam that may promote more thorough hand washing. This makes it an ideal choice in higher education settings, healthcare and food service environments, where hand hygiene is critical.

A breakdown of the usage cost is given below:

   Product                    Avg Cost          No. of Squirts               Prod/Squirt               Cost/Squirt

1 Litre Pod                 $12 - $14                1200-1500                  0.83-0.67ml                1c-0.87c     

5 Litre Soap Pour           $14-$18              1250                               4ml                         1.2 - 1.6c
into 1 litre dispensers
(prices vary according to quality and brand)
Compact sealed pods control dispensing, require refilling less often saving soap and labour $.

Specialised workshop, bathhouse, large pods dispensing 4ml for more intensive cleaning compared with 5litre bottles using hand pumps (or even dip sticks!)
4 Litre Pod                     $36 - $50            1000                               4 ml                        3.6c - 5c    
5 litre bottle with hand pump $45              275                               18ml                        16c
As you can see, though you are paying more for less product qty, you get more economic usage from each pod. Every squirt of a 5 litre container, using a hand pump dispenses 18ml of product as compared to 4ml through a 4 Litre pod, so is more wasteful.  

Another major factor in choosing foam pods over liquid soap is the hygiene and safety component. The liquid soap dispensers can be opened by anyone looking to cause mischief and drop unwanted items like syringes etc inside. This can cause blockages and bacteria build up. The foam pods being in closed containers are much more dificult to tamper with.

As the liquid soap is usually topped up and the dispenser is commonly never emptied and totally cleaned, old soap sits there for long periods and may lead to a build up of bacteria. This is especially true in low traffic areas.This poses a health hazard and can negate the planned benefits of hand hygiene. 

A wall mounted soap dispensing system can offer a complete skin protection system from initial barrier cream, to soap and finally moisture restoration. Dispensers can be uniquely labelled to guide users and encourage safe cleaning practices.

The benefits of a foam pod dispenser far outweigh the traditional refillable free flowing soap dispensers, promising savings in $ and improvements in safety to staff and customers.
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