Easily Remove Cobwebs With Our Range Of Cobweb Brooms

Nothing makes your home look more old and dingy than creepy cobwebs dangling from your ceiling. Cobwebs collect around beams and rafters and are also commonly found covering ceiling fans and hard to reach corners of your homes. Besides being high up some of these spaces can be very hard to reach and tight. Specialized brooms make the task of cleaning cobwebs easier and more efficient. Below are some of the cobweb brooms we stock at Rapid Clean Newcastle. We also stock a wide range of Etore extendable handles reach from 1.2m to an outrageous 8.2m!! Duarble and rigid, they offer long term use and flexibility in reach when it matters.

Domed Cobweb Brush
Engineered programmed fill for optimum collection of webs and dust.
Dual fill from the crown which gives it a wider width for greater  strength and lasting capacity.

The Superior Domed Cobweb BrushHas an adjustable swivel head. Fits most extension poles
Soft outer bristles and stiff top hat bristles to pick up cobwebs and dirt.

Flexible Cobweb Broom With HandleHead cleans top and bottom of ceiling fan blades.
Adjustable flex head for hard-to-reach places. Flagged bristles trap dirt.

The Domed Cobweb Broom - Ideal for outdoor use 
Features a 1.7m extension handle.
Contoured shape removes dust and cobwebs from cornices and vents. Soft flagged bristles trap dirt.

Cobweb Corner SweepAngled bristles for tight corners and skirting boards.
Extendable handle reaches high ceilings, fans and cornices. 

Extra large nylon bristles and heavy duty wire frame.
Suits all telescopic handles. 


Contoured shape removes dust,dirt and cobwebs. Stiff flagged bristles trap dirt. Ideal for outdoor use - eaves, walls, 
pergolas & sheds.
22mm steel powder coated extension handle. 

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