How To Clean And Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

A full complement of cleaning equipment and tools ensures that you can tackle any cleaning job. However, it can be easy to forget to maintain and clean the equipment itself. Learning how to clean and maintain your equipment and tools will keep them working effectively. It will also save you money in replacement costs by doing inexpensive preventative maintenance that reduces the chance of major damage from electrical or overloaded motors. 

Clean And Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

1. Treat the vacuum cord with care!

Avoid pulling the vacuum too hard when moving around and be mindful of the length of the cord. Ensure that the cord is always wound through the strain relief of the vacuum. Replace a damaged cord immediately. Leads with exposed wires are a safety hazard and expose owners and operators to legal liability.

2. Check and replace the bag regularly.

Replace Vacuum Bag

Replace the vacuum bag on a regular basis. Do not wait till the bag is completely full. Replace the bag when it is about 2/3rds full as vacuum cleaners can lose suction when the bags are half full. Overloaded bags strain the motor and lead to premature motor failure.

3.Clean the brush rollers.

The brush roller, also called the beater bar, is the part that makes contact with the floor or the carpet. It easily becomes clogged with hair, long fibers or debris. Pull out any fluff, hair or debris that  is wrapped around the roller. You can use a pair of scissors for this. Rollers clogged with hairs strain the motor and bearings, leading to premature failure.

4.Check and replace the filters.

If your vacuum cleaner has a filter you should periodically clean and replace it. Plastic filters can be rinsed in water. Ensure that it is completely dry before fitting it back in the vacuum cleaner as moisture flowing through the motor will corrode the motors. If the filter is made out of paper or cloth you can shake or pound the debris out. Replace worn out filters.

The importance of keeping your filter clean cannot be stressed enough. This is especially true if own a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, as that filter is designed to help improve your indoor air quality. Keeping that filter clean can play a role in how clean the air you breathe is.

5.Check the hoses for clogs and obstructions.

Sometimes hoses get large items stuck inside them. If you find that your vacuum isn't sucking properly a trapped object in the hose might be the culprit. Try and dislodge it with a hook or a wire.

6. Take your vacuum for periodic service
If you can't determine whats wrong with the vacuum cleaner take it for a service. We at Rapid Clean Newcastle have a service department and we do service and repairs on cleaning equipment.


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