The Uses Of Baby Wipes and What NOT To Do

Save Your Pipes
Keep Wipes Out Of The Pipes!

Baby wipes are a very popular product and when used appropriately, most baby wipes are a safe and hygienic option. They come in sealed packages, are not re-usable and help in keeping your baby clean and hygienic.They are easy to carry in your diaper bag and can be used for emergency clean - ups as well. They are also frequently used in child care facilities.

The key to using baby wipes safely is knowing their uses and limitations. Baby wipes help in getting rid of harmful bacteria  BUT use them on the baby and not to sterilize your hands or the changing table.

Baby wipes are not edible. Do not allow your baby to take them away from you. Toddlers have an instinct to put things in their mouth and you DO NOT want that happening, do you?

A major No - No when using baby wipes is the method of disposal, we can't say it enough, DO NOT FLUSH THEM.

They do not decompose and cause sewage blockages if flushed. They reach creeks, rivers and oceans. Half of the worlds blockages are caused by wet wipes!

The right way to dispose off baby wipes is to bin them. Keep wipes out of the pipes!

Use them correctly and do the environment a favor!


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