Solvents To Help You Get Rid Of Gum Stains

Removing gum off  things is never a fun task. Getting gum off concrete or even the bottom of one's shoes is difficult enough. Try removing it off woolen rugs or carpets and you have a daunting job on hand!
Gum and carpet fibres bond well, like life-long friends ☺, that makes breaking their connection all the more challenging! While it is tempting to pull gum off immediately, refrain from doing so as it will damage delicate fibres.
Water soluble solvents are an exciting new alternative to  help you get rid of gum and gum stains without damaging any of your carpet or upholstery. After you have scraped off as much gum as you can,take a clean cloth and sponge the stain with a solvent.

1. Use NEAT.
2. Pre-test on an inconspicuous area of dry carpet before use to check for colour transfer or bleeding. Dilute the solvent with equal parts water and test again if bleeding occurs.
3. Only apply a small amount of any solvent. Apply to a clean white towel or cloth and dab stains, working from the edge toward the centre. The gum should break apart for you to blot/vacuum up. Keep applying as necessary. Blot stain and rinse or extract area with water to remove residue.
4. Carpet cleaning system - If you have gum in your carpet in several places or your carpet overall is due for steam cleaning, then you can get stubborn gum out of carpets with a carpet cleaning machine. It is important that the machine uses hot water and is of high quality so that its suction is strong. Any professional carpet cleaner or company will have this equipment.

Orange Solv is a great water soluble solvent cleaner and carpet spotter.

It is a powerful water soluble solvent that is an alternative to strong petroleum, chlorinated or glycol ether solvents used for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing. It is an amazing product that helps with other stains too!

The main applications for ORANGE SOLV include grease and tar removal from engines and parts, graffiti removal from solvent resistant hard surfaces. It is very effective at chewing gum and stain removal from carpets. If used as a carpet spotter it must be thoroughly rinsed to ensure all stain residues are removed.

Not only will you have gotten rid of the gum in your rugs, your carpet will be happy too!


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